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Japanese Engrish  (English)  The "MOTHER" of Japanese Engrish sites!  An inspiration to us all.  Steve coined the word "Engrish" back in 1996, and was the first to use it for entertainment purposes.  His site has received over 220,000 hits from visitors!  Steve is da MAN!!!

Bushcat's Japan bits  (English)  Funny site, with very unusual Engrish examples.

The Page Page  (English)  The Page Family's entertaining look at Japanese culture.  Stop by their "Culture Corner" for great examples of Engrish in action.  Our personal favorite is volume #16, "Sock Glue".

Team Anime's Japanese Snack Gallery  (English)  Recommended site.  Good resource, with plenty of taste reviews and images of our favorite cracker snacks and candies.  Includes many rare Pocky flavors, such as Nagano Giant Grape, Hokkaido Melon and Honey.

Linna's Yummies (New Hyper Convenience Mart)  (English)  Linna's has many yummy treats on her Japanese junk food site.  Lots of nice images and product reviews to browse.

The Web's First Japanese Pizza Page  (English)  Wow... and we thought pineapple topping was extreme on a pizza (of course, we're meat, cheese and bread purists).  How about mayonnaise, tuna or sweet corn?  An unappetizing look at Squid Ink Pizza is also featured on this unusual site.

Pocari Sweat  (English)  Interesting page, with rotating and flashy graphics, on this peculiar isotonic drink.

Pocky  (Japanese)  Official Pocky homepage!

Glico  (Japanese)  Official Glico homepage.  Creators of Pocky and other tasty treats!

Morinaga  (Japanese)  Official Morinaga homepage.  Creators of ChocoBall and delicious milk caramels!

Meiji  (Japanese)  Official Meiji homepage.  Creators of various yummy chocolate treats!

Bikkle  (Japanese)  Official Bikkle homepage!  See Puffy there!

Suntory  (Japanese)  Official Suntory homepage.  Creators of Bikkle, many coffee drinks, booze and other goodies!

Puffy Dreamzone  (English)  Very cool Puffy fan page, with images, bios, MP3s and so much more.  Learn more about this dynamic duo!

What's in a name?

"The Japanese Animation Super Premier Entertainment Review"

Being Japanophiles of a combined 25+ years, we wanted a really good acronym that expressed our obsession/passion towards Japanese culture as a whole.  This has transcended the original allure of Anime (Japanese animation) and extended into a general appreciation of the culture.  From the food, to the language... we are more familiar with J-Pop than most native Japanese we are associated with  :-)  We wanted a name that was befitting our overall Japanesque.

Official Web Sites of theJ.A.S.P.E.R.

thejasper.com  (English)  Please visit our personal collections of merchandise, from the anime: Magic Knight Rayearth, DragonBall and Pokémon.

The Cosplay Closet: "Where Costumes Become Anime-ted"
®  (English)  David and Kimberly create different and exciting costumes.  Please browse their up-scale costume galleries and cosplay reference materials.

David's Costume Gallery  (English)  David's portfolio of personal costumes for his wife and himself.  Includes a pictorial résumé and lists awards and accomplishments.

Y2Cosplay  (English)  Documents Southern California cosplay events, such as Anime Expo, Comic-Con International and ethnic festivals.  Featuring the PokéTours image gallery.

DragonBall Z  (English)  Reference collection for DragonBall, DBZ and DBGT collectibles.  Featuring manga and Super Battle Figure galleries.  See HKC (below).

Hame-Kame Cosplay  (English)  Here, you will find an international gallery of DragonBall cosplayers.

Magic Knight Rayearth  (English)  Reference collection for Magic Knight Rayearth collectibles.  Featuring dolls and UFO Catcher galleries.  See CMF (below).

CosPuu Gallery  (English)   Here, you will find an international gallery of Magic Knight Rayearth cosplayers.  

Pika Pika Boutique  (English)  Reference collection for Pokémon collectibles.  Featuring special galleries for Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Poliwhirl and Caterpie.  See PPC (below).

Pika Pika Cosplay  (English)   Here, you will find an international gallery of Pokémon cosplayers.  

Heimlich's Leafy Depot  (English)  Reference collection for A Bug's Life collectibles.  Featuring everyone's favorite caterpillar, Heimlich.  Also, come meet his Japanese cousin, Caterpie.

TrooperPX  (English)   Welcome to the world's most complete Starship Troopers reference collection.  Featuring armor, uniforms and publications.  See R:STC (below).

R:STC  (English)   Here, you will find complete information on the new CGI cartoon Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles.  Featuring pre-production art and episode synopses.

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