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The Ultimate Drink... BIKKLE!!!

REVIEW: Have you ever drank lukewarm milk, with ice cubes melted in for flavor?
Wrap your lips around a tall, sweaty head of a bottle of Bikkle.  Mmm-yum!

Featured on PaPaPaPaPuffy.
Episode July 21, 1999.

Notice how daintily Yumi drinks her Bikkle, while Ami chugs it!
Let's NOT talk about our friend in the middle... as he REALLY enjoys his Bikkle.

Bikkle is sooo yummy!

Yumi and Ami are Puffy.

Puffy "Fever Fever" CD.

Cheese Cream Crackers.

Communicase Squash Mint Chewing Gum.

Horn Chocolate Snack.

Nudy Beauty Products.
Hand Designing Mist and Clean Up.

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