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Poifull Candy.
Original Japanese commercial clips for Poifull, starring Judy & Mary.

REVIEW: Don't mistake these little candies for jelly beans.
They taste more like Good 'n' Plenty!

Aromatic Grilled Corn Stick Snack.
Garlic Toast Flavoured.

Lavenus "Cotton feel" Shampoo.
As opposed to... wool?

Kome Kome Club (a.k.a. Rice Rice Club) Harvest CD Compilation and
RARE 10th Anniversary "Lucky Coin".

Kome Kome Club Harvest Singles Collections
K2C is notorious for their fun lyrics and wacky costumes.  Their last performance was in 1997.
This is a 2-CD compilation, with innovative rice head models (Left).

Kome Kome Club Sorry Music Entertainment “Lucky Coin” (10th Anniversary)
The coin depicts a very muscular, nude man crapping in a Japanese-style toilet.
You could only get this rare collector’s coin in the K2C 10th Anniversary CD collection, titled “Sorry Music Entertainment”.

Mangosteen Chewing Gum.

"An edible East Indian fruit somewhat like an orange,
with a thick, reddish-brown rind and sweet, white, juicy, segmented pulp".

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