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"Everyone loves MANDOM..."

REVIEW: Packaged in a thick, cylindrical container... this clear viscus fluid,
when applied in even stokes, can be used for everything from skin to hair problems.

Dance Chocolate.
With this much sugar, you would be dancing!

Jumbo Hokkaido Cheese Pretz.
Original Japanese commercial clip for Pretz (Right).

Cacao and Salad Pretz.
Mmm, that sounds tasty!

Snail Ramp: Fresh Brash Old Man CD.
Okay... but will my CD player catch anything?

Hokkaido Koeda White Chocolate Twigs.

"Koeda • great tasting crispy 'twigs' of chocolate for everyone who wants a quick & light treat"

Original Japanese commercial clip for Koeda Ice Cream Twigs.

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