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Kiss Mint for Etiquette.

"Kiss Mint is not only delicious but also contains various effective ingredients."

REVIEW: Yeah, but does it actually work?  How about a Kiss Mint for Manic Depression?

Kiss Mint for Refreshment.

Kiss Mint for Xylidental.

Kiss Mint for Wake up.

Kiss Mint for Breath.

Wanna be suave and fashionable with fresh breath?

Original Japanese commercial clips for Kiss Mint.

Naive Cleansing Products.
Would you rather be "naive" when cleaning your parts?
For those who have yet to experience self-exploration.

Miscellaneous Ice Cream, featuring Papico.
Original Japanese commercial clips for Glico ice cream products.

DragonBall "Funky Pet" Son Gokou Figure.
One of a rare series of DragonBall figures.

Yogloo Yogurt Drinks.
In three yummy *hack* flavors: Original Yogurt, Melon and Peach.

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