Engrish 09


Wego Wego Ruga’s “Dr. Shit” UFO Catcher Doll.

Predecessor to South Park’s Mr. Hanky, our friend Dr. Shit was a popular character on
the Japanese children’s show, Wego Wego Ruga.  Yes, a shit in the can.

Addendum << The TV programme was not called "wego wego ruga", but "ugo ugo ruga", which was an anagram.  "Ugo ugo ruga" was an anagram of "gou gou garu (go go girl)".  The TV prgramme actually seemed like a prgramme for children.  But, in fact, it was for adults.  It just pretended to be a tv prgramme for children.  Best regards, a2c >>


Choco Sand Cookies.

"Carefully baked with most experienced skill to extra thin biscuits"

Miscellaneous Candies: Yogurt 100, Black Black and Green Candy.

S•PEED Highway Drink.
Only available in Los Angeles.

White Toothpaste.
With a name like "White", it's gotta be right!

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