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Fran Snacks.

REVIEW: Hmm, what can I say - Fran is Pocky on steroids.
Fran's thick cookie sticks are dipped in white or milk chocolate for your salivary pleasure.

Milky Chocolate Treats.
Yes, they're related to the Campbell's Soup Kids.

Tiss Cosmetics.
Anything called "Lift Aroma Body" is going to get MY attention...

Yan Yan Snack Sticks.
Plucky crunchy sticks with flavored goo on them.

Mitsuya White Sparkling Drink.
I don't know about you, but this ain't cider.

Roco Chocolate Snack.

"Italian style almond and cookie chocolate"
Uncanny resemblance to rodent droppings, ne?

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