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REVIEW: Japanese car deodorizers come in a variety of shapes and scents.  They can also be very pricey to create the right mood.  Unfortunately, many of them stink worse than the unwanted stench you're trying to cover up.  BTW, what is a "Sawaday" anyway?  For more unusual car scents, see below.

UPDATE: We received a nice letter from Jennie, who told us that "Sawadee" is a common greeting in Thailand.  Since Sawaday is a happy deodorizer, it may "greet" our noses with a fresh scent.  Okay, it's a stretch, but worth a laugh.

Aqualid Marine.
Take the lid off some Aqua-lid.

Ozone Shampoo Cologne.
Oh... That's where it went.  From the sky to your car!

Seedam Car Fragrance.

Caori-sui Car Cologne.

"Like a water"... but different.

Kid-O Cracker Sandwiches.
Fortified with real kids.  A child in every bite!

Look A La Mode Chocolate.
Hmmm, look at how much crap we can stuff in a chocolate bar!

Kasugai Peanut & You.
Can't come up with anything cute for this... but they're really damn good!

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