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"Curry Sauce Mix with Apples and Honey."

REVIEW: House Foods curry is yummy.  Highly recommended for wintery nights.  It will keep your eyes and nose watering for some time.

Java Curry.

This brick comes in family and restaurant size!

The Curry.

Peko Poko Sticks.

Kewpie Mayonnaise.
The disturbing part about this one... the bottle is the same size and shape,
made from soft plastic, like that of a dildo.  A bottle that flexes and bends.

Choco Pretch Chocolate Coating Pretzel.
I can't help to notice the word "retch" as in "wretch", whenever I see this tasty snack.

Hot 'n' tasty "octobus" balls!  This sign is from a fast food Japanese restaurant.

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