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Konnichiwa!  Thanks for stopping by.  We hope you throughly browse our unusual site, dedicated to the wonderful world of Japanese Engrish products.  Including, but not limited to Japanese junk food, health/beauty products, toys, music and fashion.  You will see plenty of familar products (classics, such as Pocky, Pocari Sweat, ChocoBall, etc.), as well as downright wacky stuff.  Fortunately, we stumbled across some RARE footage of Japanese Engrish being used in popular commercials.  Screen captures of the original commercials are scattered throughout the site for your viewing pleasure.  We decided to mix the items up, instead of organizing them according to type.  So, take your time and look around.  Stay with us as we grow, and continue to document the strange and funny products we have grown to love.

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Kikko-Man, the Naturally Rude Soy Man!  Hell yeah!

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