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Fun merchandise from the popular anime television series, "Pokémon."

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NAME: Caterpie #10


TYPE: Worm

HEIGHT: 1' 0"


TECHNIQUES: Tackle, String Shot



This sweet little Pokémon is a lot like a caterpillar.  It has short feet with suction cups on the ends that allow it to climb walls and trees without getting tired.  Its String Shot slows down Caterpie's enemies.  It doesn't take Caterpie long to evolve.  You may want to stop its evolution and build up its experience for a while.  Once Caterpie changes into a Metapod, it will not be able to move.

The following description was taken from The Official Pokémon Handbook.

Heimlich's Japanese cousin Caterpie!

Pikachu and Caterpie Musical Figurine

Check out Diglett peeking around the stump!

Caterpie Plushies

Banpresto UFO Catcher Caterpie.


Pokémon Friends Series 4 Caterpie plush.

Caterpie plushie charm.

Banpresto Fuzzy Figures Series 2

Featuring Squirtle and Caterpie fuzzy figures.

Pokémon Chunky Funky Master Magnets

Featuring Poliwhirl, Caterpie and Psyduck magnets.

A kawaii Caterpie magnet.

Caterpie Pin

Korean enamel Caterpie pin.

Caterpie Trading Cards

Caterpie vs. Paras Trading Card (No. 046).

Caterpie Seal (No. 010).

Burger King Caterpie Trading Card (No. 10).

Caterpie Origami

Front and Back of Origami Book.

Caterpie Mini-Skateboard

Caterpie Stickers

Pokémon Bug stickers.

A gigantic Caterpie glitter sticker.

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