Heimlich On Ice

A skating Heimlich?!  You bet!

NONE of these items are for sale.
This is a private collection.

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Disney On Ice Program

Disney On Ice: 75th Years of Disney Magic Souvenir Program.
The first time "A Bug's Life" was performed on ice!

A fantastic Heimlich costume!  I couldn't believe my eyes...

For a fat caterpillar, Heimlich could move pretty quick on the ice.

Heimlich waving and blowing kisses to the audience.

The costume is very accurate to the source.

Heimlich looking for candy corn.

CBS Channel-2 New did a special Disney On Ice report.

Mike interviewed Mouseketeer Sarah.

They "danced" on the ice...

Goofy and the Genie pulled some wicked moves!

Mike and Sarah take their bows.

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