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The Sun Magazine no.420 (April 1996).

The Sun Magazine had a special feature on the Takarazuka Revue.  An awesome pictorial history of the Revue, including star bios.  There is also general information about Takarazuka city, and the rigorous training Revue performers must go through before they make it to the stage.

Takarazuka: Sexual Politics and Popular Culture in Modern Japan Book (1998).

From backcover: "The all-female Takarazuka Revue, founded in 1913 as a novel counterpart to the all-male Kabuki theater, is world-famous today for its rococo musical productions, including gender-bending love stories, torridly romantic liaisons in foreign settings, and fanatically devoted fans.  Drawing on over a decade of fieldwork and archival research, Jennifer Roberston explores how the Revue illuminates sexual politics, nationalism, imperialism, modernity, and popular culture in twentieth-century Japan.  By situating the Revue within its social, historical, and cultural contexts, she challenges both stereotypes of 'the Japanese' and Eurocentric assumptions about gender performance and sexuality."  Highly recommended, and in English language.

Takarazuka Revue 2000-2001 Book (2001).

This softcover book is packed with information about the Takarazuka Revue.  Star interviews with Tsubasa Makoto, Rei Dan, Yu Emao, Mari Hanafusa, Yoka Wao and others.  Featuring 2000-2001 shows Asian Sunrise, Department Store, Jazz Mania, Millennium Challenger and The Rose of Versailles, etc.  Excellent costume reference guide.  Includes three, gorgeous pullout posters.  Japanese language.

Takarazuka Revue 2001 Book (May 2, 2001).

This softcover book features the stars of Takarazuka Revue and their 2001 performances.  High quality photos of Takarazuka idols in their best roles.  If you're a Tsubasa Makoto fan, there are many great photos.  Also, the book highlights up-and-coming performers.  Includes photo retrospectives on The Rose of Versailles and Gone with the Wind.  Japanese language.

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