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Takarazuka Graph is a Japanese monthly magazine.  It contains information about Takarazuka Revue and their performers.  Here's your chance to see the leading otokoyaku and musumeyaku in offstage clothing.  There is a great section called "Making of Sweet", that showcases musumeyaku costumes, accessories and hair styles.  This magazine also provides many high quality images, a pullout poster and sticker sheet in every issue.  I like Takarazuka Graph, because the stage photography is excellent, and they usually provide the performers' names in Romanji.

Takarazuka Graph July 2000.

Takarazuka Graph August 2000.

Takarazuka Graph September 2000.

Takarazuka Graph October 2000.

Takarazuka Graph November 2000.

Takarazuka Graph December 2000.

Takarazuka Graph July 2001.
Features Tsubasa Makoto's "Last Stage" and The Rose of Versailles 2001.
Also includes a spectacular "Takarazuka Dress Collection" for The Rose of Versailles.

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