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Tatuya Ishii was once the lead singer of a shock band called "Kome Kome Club" (K2C).  The popular Japanese band was known for their silly songs, extravagant stage shows and funky costumes.  Ishii designed the sets and costumes for every show.  A huge undertaking, since there are more than twelve members in the band!  He is now pursuing a solo musical career, in addition to being an accomplished artist and director.  I noticed similarities between Tatuya Ishii and otokoyaku of the Takarazuka Revue.  The heavy makeup, flashy suits and idealized "masculine" gestures were common themes.  I consider Tatuya Ishii a very attractive man, who is definitely in touch with his feminine side.

For more information about Tatuya Ishii, please visit:

 T-STONE  (Japanese)  Tatuya Ishii's official site, with the latest information, concert dates and original artwork of this talented man.

Rhumba with me...
Left: Otokoyaku Maki Ichiro.

A romantic vision in white.
Right: Otokoyaku Kei Aran.

Captain of the high seas...
Left:Left: Otokoyaku Mitsuki Jun.

"The Last Symposium" concert with Kome Kome Club.

Ishii all painted up.

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