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Yuu Todoroki is my favorite otokoyaku of the Takarazuka Revue.  She is stylish and confident.  In my opinion, Yuu is the most effective in blurring the gender boundaries.  She is absolutely sexy dressed as a man and believable.  Yuu is a strong singer and dancer in the Revue, rightfully earning her Top Star status.  She definitely draws attention with her smooth sophistication.

Troupe: Snow
Name:  Yuu Todoroki
Name Meaning:  distant thundering
Nicknames: Ishi-chan, Tomu
Height:  168 cm
Debut:  1985
Became Top Star:  1997 (A Ghost at Midnight/Le Sherban)

For more information about Yuu Todoroki, please visit:

 With Yuu  (Japanese)  An enormous Yuu Todoroki fan site, with beautiful artwork, customized dolls, teddy bears... even pets dressed up as Yuu!  One has to see to believe...

 The Iceberg  (Japanese)  Attractive fan site, with pretty artwork of Yuu Todoroki.

Yuu Todoroki off stage.
She is frequently wears long, padded jackets with pants, or over skirts.

The Golden Dandy.

Yuu is very sexy in her purple suit.

Yuu looks great as a brooding hero.

Elegant style.

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