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I call her my "Awa" doll.  She is holding a shamisen, a traditional Japanese stringed instrument.
The Awa Odori Dance ("Fool's Dance") is performed during the Bon Odori Festival, in summer.

Reference picture, from a Bon Odori celebration (Notice the shamisen and half-moon hat).

There is an old, tattered label attached to the dollstand:
This ... "Samisen" (guitar like instrument) player in old Japan. It comes from a Japanese Kabuki drama."

The bottom of the dollstand reads: "Nishi & Co., Ltd.  Made in Japan."


She is a special Okinawan doll.
She is performing the Yostudake Dance, in a colorful bingata.

Reference picture of classical Okinawan dancers (Notice the beautiful flower hats).

The is a label in Japanese, of where the doll originated from.

A fancy "Boy's Day" warrior doll.
In Japan, Boy's Day is celebrated on May 5th.

This doll represents a young samurai of high status (Notice the exquisite kimono).
He holds a traditional helmet, symbolizing strength and protection from misfortune.

The doll is meant to bring good-luck to the boy of the household.

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