Welcome to Hikaru-chan's "Heimlich's Leafy Depot," a wonderful collection of Heimlich the caterpillar merchandise from Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios cool animated feature, "A Bug's Life."  Heimlich is my favorite character from "A Bug's Life," because he's funny, colorful and loves FOOD.  He's a portly caterpillar, who works for P.T. Flea's Circus.  Heimlich cannot resist sweet foods, especially candy corn.  I find Heimlich simply adorable, and I enjoy collecting a variety merchandise with his cute image.

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Ich heiße Heimlich.  Ich essen gern!

Heimlich, the caterpillar, is part of the clown trio.  But there's only one thing more important than his performance: food.  Speaking in a thick German accent, Heimlich tells P.T.; "I hate performing on an empty stomach."  Instead, he'd rather be eating a piece of candy corn he's spotted someone holding in the audience!  Yum.

Meet Heimlich's Japanese cousin Caterpie!  Just click on the Caterpie icon!

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