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Takarazuka Kagekidan Homepage  (Japanese/English)  Official Takarazuka Revue site, with show information, star bios, collectibles, links etc.

Revue Sphere ~Takarazuaka~  (English)  Highly recommended!  Stephanie M. Taylor's site is packed with Takarazuka Revue information, with a huge link directory.  If you're looking for Takarazuka Revue links for all over the world... look no further.  Also includes theater directions, show synopses and translations in English!

Musical Plays Information in Japan  (Japanese/English)  Masahiro Morisada's informative site, featuring Takarazuka Revue and other musical productions in Japan.  Provides general Revue information, with a show list dating back to 1995.

Takarazuka  (Japanese/English)  Sissi's entertaining Takarazuka Revue site, includes history, show list, attendance etiquette and so much more!

Takarazuka Revue ~Bienvenue~  (English)  A growing site, with Takarazuka Revue images and show information.  Keita and Shun are doing a good job!

The Rose of Versailles  (English)  Recommended.  David Simmon's site is an excellent review of the beloved series in it's various forms: manga, anime, theater, live-action film, etc.  Also provides information and images of Takarazuka Revue's many versions of The Rose of Versailles.

Attack of the Anime Toys!  (English)  If you like dolls... please visit this cool site.  Pam's huge collection of 1/6 scale Japanese dolls, including Volks, Jenny, Licca and anime-inspired creations.  She has a beautiful collection of Rose of Versailles dolls from around the world.

Dolls Japan  (English)  Read David Hammon's interesting article about the Yûki Amami otokoyaku doll, and Takarazuka School Jenny.

Forever Dreams  (Japanese)  Highly recommended!  Pretty customized Barbie dolls that resemble Takarazuka Revue performers.  Includes Rose of Versailles characters!

Doll's Doll's  (Japanese)  Large doll collection, including customized dolls of Takarazuka Revue performers.  See handsome dandies!

Yuki's Gallery  (Japanese)  Please visit Yuki's Barbie collection, including a customized Takarasienne doll.

Atelier Usagi No Ana  (Japanese)  Adorable rabbits and teddy bears by Haruko, featuring a section called "Yu Todoroki's Bear".  My favorites are "Fu Chai Bear" and "Bear Roi de Enfer".

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